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Beating the market in sales and productivity! | October 4, 2010

WEEKLY NEWS AND NOTES for October 4th , 2010

Happy Birthday to Annissa Powell on the 4th , Tania Ivey & Angie Acosta on the 5th , Elinor Emmons on the 7th , and to Barry Allbright on the 10th !!           

Welcome to Keller Williams Realty, Reston: Gene Mock, Alli Grimer and to Kristen Vidale !!


Congrats to Michelle Cornejo for capping on Royalty!


Congratulations, also, to all the KWReston Rockstars who are beating the market in sales and productivity-  41 agents have experienced an incredible growth in their business in the past year- some examples: Lisa Moroniak- Sales up 1032%, Nikki Ryan- Sales up 763%, Twee Ramos- Sales up 607%, Maureen Dwyer- Sales up 274%, Lisa Buke Delle – Sales up 218%, Tina Collazo- Sales up 138%, Pat Flynn – Sales up 107%, Kay Bal- Sales up 106% .  Many more have experienced increases of 50 – 90% You Rock… because you focus, and work hard for your clients!!



Did you hear?!?  Over 75 top agents and leaders in the Region are coming to BOLD this Fall!  Top agents in the Region are attending:  Marc Cormier, Monika Kumar, Rob Chevez, Kristy Moore, Peggy Parker, Dan Rochon, Rick Bosl, Janet Gresh, Jason Quimby, Susan Scheiffley…and the list goes on!  Will you join them in Fairfax?!?    Imagine hanging with 75 of the BEST agents in town for 7 weeks…practicing and learning proven scripts and closes, expanding your mindset, taking more listings, pending more properties…imagine being in a high-energy, fun, learning-based environment!!!  WOW!

There’s still time to sign up so you too can get your “unfair share” of the market – as Gary Keller says!   Don’t allow your drunk monkey to tell you it’s not necessary for you to be in the BOLD Experience!  Agents that come to BOLD experience a new way of doing business…by working smarter, not harder!  Agents in BOLD average an additional 9 contracts written during the 7-weeks of BOLD!  What would an additional 9 closings in 2010 do for you and your family?!?

Don’t fight it.  Click here to register:

Will you end the year strong?  Hurry!  Space is limited.

Business Objective: A Life by Design

  • BOLD (Northern VA)
  • Step 2 (Week 2): October 11, 2010 (Mon) 9:00am – 3:30pm Eastern Time
    Step 3 (Week 3): October 18, 2010 (Mon) 9:00am – 3:30pm Eastern Time
    Step 4 (Week 4): October 25, 2010 (Mon) 9:00am – 3:30pm Eastern Time
    Step 5 (Week 5): November 1, 2010 (Mon) 9:00am – 3:30pm Eastern Time
    Step 6 (Week 6): November 8, 2010 (Mon) 9:00am – 3:30pm Eastern Time
    Step 7 (Week 7): November 15, 2010 (Mon) 9:00am – 3:30pm Eastern Time
    Step 8 (Week 8): November 22, 2010 (Mon) 9:00am – 3:30pm Eastern Time
  • Steps 2 – 8 Location:
    Northern Virginia Association of Realtors
    8407 Pennell Street
    Fairfax, VA 22031
  • COACH:
    Michaelann Byerly


REO News:

Foreclosure proceedings come under fire

Mortgage industry heavyweights slow pace of properties entering REO pipeline

In response to the recent “robo-signing scandal,” JP Morgan Chase and Co., put 56,000 foreclosure filings on hold last week, following similar actions by Ally Bank (formerly GMAC Mortgage) in 23 states, including Illinois, Florida, New York and Ohio.

This temporary crackdown on the part of various states attorney generals is due to allegations that tens of thousands of foreclosure documents were essentially “rubber stamped” or signed without adequate review or scrutiny. Among the state officials who have initiated investigations, IllinoisAttorney General Lisa Madigan has demanded a meeting with JPMorgan Chase to address her concerns that the company violated the state’s Consumer Fraud Act.

Vowing to hold banks accountable, Madigan said in a recent statement: “With JP Morgan now acknowledging possible abuses in preparing court documents, the impact on homeowners in our state and across the country could be great.”

Despite recent findings “that in some cases employees in our mortgage foreclosure operations may have signed affidavits about loan documents on the basis of file reviews done by other personnel – without the signer personally having reviewed those loan files,” Chase spokesman Tom Kelley, contends, “We believe the accuracy of the factual loan information contained in the affidavits was not affected by whether or not the signer had personal knowledge of the precise details.” He added that Chase has “begun to systematically re-examine documents we have filed in current foreclosure proceedings to verify that the affidavits and other documents meet the standard of personal knowledge or review where that is required.”

Chase has requested that the courts hold off on entering judgments in pending matters for a few weeks until their review process is completed.

Mastering real estate in the digital age
Ben Kinney, associate, explains the real estate team of the future. Now on the KW Blog.


By Brenda Marshall, KWU Coursewriter, KWRI in Austin, TX

KW agent and co-author of “Soci@l – Attracting Friends, Followers, and Connections to your Business,” Ben Kinney sat down with Joelle Senter and Bryon Ellington at Mega Technology Camp 2010  to share his vision of the real estate team of the future.

Ben excels in effectively managing expenses while increasing the effectiveness of marketing and lead generation budgets. He uses a virtual staff to perform tasks such as data entry into Craiglist and blog posting.

He looks forward to the day when all transactions are conducted entirely online and all signed contracts are stored electronically—no more paper—and can be accessed online, from any location. He has been looking at DotLoop as a possible solution, but faces the challenge of not every local MLS supporting electronic transactions yet.

Ben makes the most of what technology has to offer and avoids tools that don’t generate a sale or lead. A few of his favorite tools are listed below.

  • Zendesk is a trouble-ticket system which also stores answers to frequently-asked questions in a wiki. Ben’s team uses Zendesk to free up admin time.
  • Mojo can increase productivity by 300% by reducing downtime during lead generation time blocks. Its auto-dialer calls 3 numbers at a time, sending only the live calls and leaving a custom voice mail for the others.
  • Flowtown lets you import your contacts’ email addresses and find out how to contact them via all of their social media accounts. This is a great tool to help you incorporate social media into your 8 x 8 or 33 Touch campaigns.
  • Nearby Tweets finds Twitterers located near you. You can specify the search radius as well as include keywords in tweets.

Follow at twitter.com/benkinney to see what he’s doing with technology today!



On-Going Weekly Classes:

Mon., Weds & Fri. Mornings- Power Hour

Monday Afternoon and Evenings- Camp 4 4 3

Monday- all day- BOLD- Starting Sept 27th

Tues. & Thur. evening Power Hour

Tuesdays at 11 am – Team meeting


Power Hour:

 Self-Confidence, Higher Productivity, More Listings, More Buyers, New Skills, More Fun, More Money….. Our Power Hour schedule is as follows:

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday             8:30AM – 10AM

Tuesdays & Thursdays                                    6PM-7:30PM

Self-Confidence, Higher Productivity, More Listings, More Buyers, New Skills, More Fun, More Money!

See you all there ready to expect more and improve!


CAMP 4:4:3 It’s not to late to improve your business skills!

Time:  Every Monday – Afternoon session 12p – 3p &/or Evening Session 5p – 8p

Location:  Reston Market Center


October Dates

October 7 · 10:00am – 12:00pm

What it takes to buy an REO (Bank Owned) Property hosted by Marc Cormier

Are you tired of getting your offers rejected or outbid over and over? This workshop will help to give more insight on what asset managers want.

Special Guests from Chase will be coming to offer their expertise on REO properties, how to prepare a winning offer, and bank marketing exclusives.

Bring your REO buyer to meet the Chase REO staff.

***********************************************************************October 8 Video Marketing 10 am – 2 pm Reston

October — ALC Retreat – 13-15 Nemocolin PA.

October 22nd Internet Lead Generation: Your Social Media Business Strategy with Jennifer Klaussen  10 am – 2 pm Reston

November 4-5 – MREA Business Planning – Location TBD


Please give our vendor partners an opportunity to serve your clients.  They’ll make you look like a rock star!

Champion Title: Ryan Koppel 703-517-4244

McLean Mortgage: Cindy Fox 703-409-2002


  • Build Careers Worth Having
  • Businesses Worth Owning and
  • Lives Worth Living     

~ 3E is the “trademark” of our office.  Your Staff, ALC and fellow agents are focused on and committed to creating the best Real Estate office in North America- right here in Reston!  The 3Es describe what that ‘best office’ looks and feels like- It is an office filled with ENERGY, it’s agents are focused on EXCELLENCE, and they are ENGAGED with the office on a daily or weekly basis.  Help us spread the word… it can’t happen without YOU!

See you around the Office…and make it a great week!!!   MIKE    703-679


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