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Building Real Estate Sales Careers Worth Having | August 23, 2010


WEEKLY NEWS AND NOTES for August 23rd  , 2010

Happy Birthday to Dick Leadbetter on the 24th , Neil Saltman on the 25th , Maureen Dwyer on the 27th , and to Martin Scruggs and Vivian Spencer on the 28th !!           


Congrats to Pat Flynn who was honored to be selected as his BNI chapter’s newest President!!!



Family News:  We got an update last week on Stefanie… She is doing well. She just got a job this past week. She is doing admin at a language school. She even got to teach an English class once!  They are still living with Dennis’ parents but hope to get their own apartment in the future.






Building Real Estate Sales Careers Worth Having

Have you heard the good news?!?  MAPS is bringing BOLD to the Arlington area this fall!  And, have you heard that since the inception of BOLD, Keller Williams Realty’s production numbers have increased dramatically all over the country!  BOLD is making an unbelievable impact on the lives of our agents and market centers all over North America!

 What’s exciting about BOLD in the fall?!?  Your agents will end the year STRONGER than ever!  You already know that most agents stop working in the last quarter of the year (actually around mid- October!).  With BOLD in the last quarter of 2010, your agents and market centers will end the year with more production than ever…plus, it will allow your agents to go into 2011 with more pendings than ever before!

This will be a great opportunity for those that have not attended BOLD; and what a great opportunity for recruiting!  Since most productive agents find it easier to change offices at the end of the year, this will be a great tool to allow them to witness the amazing synergy and energy of BOLD and your agents working together!  This will also allow your agents that have been through BOLD to come back and experience it at a whole new level.  Most agents that have gone through BOLD two or more times tell us that they missed so much the first time!

Important dates:

 *Tuesday, September 28th from 9-1 First Step to BOLD…FREE ½ day event

* Tuesday, October 12th from 9-3:30…Step 2 (and then each Tuesday thru Step 8)


I scream.. you scream… we ALL scream for..Ice Cream!    ARC Management invites you to join us on Wednesday, August 25th from 1:00PM to 3:00 PM in the central plaza for our Ice cream social. Treat yourself to the Sunday bar



The Big Picture and YOU  Gary Keller

I learned long ago that being steeped in the business of real estate does not necessarily translate into grasping the big picture. So I made a commitment to digging beneath the surface and understanding the critical interactions that drive the real estate market. As I did so, I realized how hungry my clients were for solid information.

I’ve never lost my fascination for the facts behind the headlines, and today, I believe that Keller Williams Realty’s sharp focus on research is central to what sets us apart as a company.

Nearly every client enters into a conversation about buying or selling a home with a lot of preconceived notions and anecdotal information. It’s our job to be knowledgeable of the actual facts and to step up as the local economist of choice. That’s what our clients are looking to us for, and it’s the basis for the trust they place in us.

But having walked several miles in your shoes, we recognize that in-depth research probably doesn’t fall in your “20 percent.” In fact, most agents aren’t trained to conduct the kind of analysis that the KW Research team is known for. So this year, we’ve compiled the results of our most recent research studies into the KW Market Navigator: Vision and Opportunities.

It’s filled with facts, stats and perspectives (see the example below or click here for a sneak peek) that you can draw from on a daily basis. And believe it or not, it’s fun to read. 

Note- See me if you would like a copy!  Mcoffey@kw.com

The Lillie Mae Tillman story  or

How Four Little Words Changed My Career

Published by Mo Anderson, Vice Chairman

We have all experienced challenging times in the midst of our real estate journey. Mine came in August 1974 as I began my real estate career.  My year’s hard work had produced no closings and my real estate future looked dismal. I turned to God in deep discouragement and asked for a positive sign–just 3 valid transactions during the month of August. At the same time I enrolled in graduate school, preparing to return to the field of education.

The month slowly passed day by day. Then August 27 and 28 brought great hope with the sale of my only listing plus a first-time-buyer.  My prayers were being answered–I was now two transactions down, had one to go and a full three days remaining! Perhaps real estate was the career for me.

August 29 and 30 came and went without any activity and I became angry. How could I fall just one transaction short of my goal?  I needed more faith and more patience. At 10:00 a.m. a phone call changed everything-it was a buyer.  I showed them two homes and truly felt as if there was magic in the air.  My third transaction was about to materialize. After all these months, I felt as if real estate success was within my grasp.

My joy quickly disappeared when the client told me they could not buy from me because they had been previously working with Lillie Mae Tillman, another local agent. She had shown them numerous homes and bought them lunches and dinners. And ultimately they felt their loyalty had to remain with her. I knew these buyers had reached the most ethical decision, but I was heartbroken. I had been so close to, what I felt was success. It was the lowest moment in my real estate career.

At 7:30 that evening the clients called me with the news that during a conversation with Lillie Mae, she had told them to “Do the right thing and buy the house from Mo Anderson.”  I could hardly believe what I was hearing!  Lillie Mae Tillman, an elderly, quiet, reserved Century 21 agent had changed my life with four little words – “Do the right thing”.  That was when my real estate ball began to roll.  The next six months brought 35 transactions; I went on to build my own company and then Keller Williams Realty entered my life. Through it all I have never forgotten precious, wonderful Lillie Mae Tillman and the impact her integrity had and continues to have on my life. She taught me that when we ‘do the right thing’ it is possible to literally change the course of someone’s life.

As we enter a new decade, let’s renew our commitment to ‘do the right thing’ in all aspects of our lives.  And, just as our integrity is able to impact and change the course of the lives of those around us, it has the power to change our world!  Mo Anderson



Important Dates

October — ALC Retreat – 13-15 Nemocolin PA.

November 4-5 – MREA Business Planning – Location TBD


On-Going Weekly Classes:

Every Tuesday  11:00a.m. Team meeting

Every Tuesdays 2.30pm:  Accountability& Goal Achievement

Every Tues 6-8 pm Lead Generation Clinic- Power Hours

Every Friday 9am – Profit Share “how it works”

2nd Thursday of each Month- Happy Hour/Business Networking

3rd Weds of the month 11.30 am ALC meeting

3rd Thursday of each  month- 3 pm KW Technology Tools

3rd Friday of each Month- 10am – noon Mega Agent Mastermind & Roundtable-

Pre-License & Broker’s Class with Barry – On-Going- every month except July and Dec.  Tues eve /Thurs eve /Sat all day

Please give our vendor partners an opportunity to serve your clients.  They’ll make you look like a rock star!

Champion Title: Ryan Koppel 703-517-4244

McLean Mortgage: Cindy Fox 703-409-2002


  • Build Careers Worth Having
  • Businesses Worth Owning and
  • Lives Worth Living     

~ 3E is the “trademark” of our office.  Your Staff, ALC and fellow agents are focused on and committed to creating the best Real Estate office in North America- right here in Reston!  The 3Es describe what that ‘best office’ looks and feels like- It is an office filled with ENERGY, it’s agents are focused on EXCELLENCE, and they are ENGAGED with the office on a daily or weekly basis.  Help us spread the word… it can’t happen without YOU!

See you around the Office…and make it a great week!!!   MIKE    703-679-1719


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